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Key Information

Teacher - Mr Cullerne

Classroom Teaching Assistants -  Miss Richards, Mrs Kieran.


Lessons may vary, but a typical week will look like this:


Monday - Guided Reading, English, Maths, Art/DT, PSHE

Tuesday - Guided Reading, English, Maths, Forest School

Wednesday - Guided Reading, English, Maths, RE, Science

Thursday - Guided Reading, English, History/Geography, Languages

Friday - Guided Reading, English, Maths, PE, Computing


There will also be time for handwriting, quick maths, guided reading and spelling each day as well as assembly time.




Each week on a Monday, the children will recieve a maths and an English homework activity which is to be handed in the following Friday. The homework is chosen to reflect and consolidate the work we are covering that week in class.  The children should not spend more than 20 minutes a night on their homework. We all need our rest!


At the start of each topic, the children will be given a knowledge organiser that will provide them with important/ interesting information about the coming topic. The knowledge organiser will also include a number of topic homework activities as inspiration for the children to complete in their own time. This is entirely optional and designed so that enthusiastic children can explore more of the topic in their own time. I always look forward to seeing what the children can create! The knowledge organiser can be found in the Curriculum Documents section of the Class 3 page. 


Year 6 Homework (January to May):


In order to give our Year 6 children as much confidence as possible going into SATS week in May,  we have decided to change the homework focus between January and May. As you will have seen, we have sent the children home with the following books: a SATS revision guide for English (containing both reading and grammar practice) and a revision guide for maths as well as a 10 minute SATS buster booklet for maths, reading and spelling punctuation and grammar (SPAG). The children should complete their homework each week as directed in the timetable below (a copy has been stuck into the front of each child’s reading record and can be found on Google Classroom). Each test should take no more than 10 minutes each and answers can be checked at the back of the booklet by the children. 


Please can we ask that children do not write in the revision guides as we would like these returned to be used again. The children can of course write in the 10 minute SATS buster booklets.







Maths Test 1 (Set A)

SPAG Test 1 (Set A)

Reading Test 1 (Set A)


Maths Test 2 (Set B)

SPAG Test 2 (Set B)

Reading Test 6 (Set B)


Maths Test 2 (Set A)

SPAG Test 2 (Set A)

Reading Test 2 (Set A)


Maths Test 3 (Set B)

SPAG Test 3 (Set B)

Reading Test 1 (Set C)


Maths Test 3 (Set A)

SPAG Test 3 (Set A)

Reading Test 3 (Set A)


Maths Test 4 (Set B)

SPAG Test 4 (Set B)

Reading Test 2 (Set C)


Maths Test 4 (Set A)

SPAG Test 4 (Set A)

Reading Test 6 (Set A)


Maths Test 5 (Set B)

SPAG Spelling test.

Reading Test 3 (Set C)


Maths Test 5 (Set A)

SPAG Spelling test.

Reading Test 4 (Set B)


Maths Test 1 (Set C)

SPAG Test 1 (Set C)

Reading Test 4 (Set C)


Maths Test 1 (Set B)

SPAG Test 1 (Set B)

Reading Test 5 (Set B)


Maths Test 2 (Set C)

SPAG Test 2 (Set C)

Reading Test 5 (Set C)


Daily Reading:


Reading is hugely important and we encourage the children to read at home on a daily basis. This can be recorded in your child's reading record which should be brought into school each day to be checked. 




Class 3 Autumn 1 Timetable

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Learning Together; Caring Together; Flourishing Together