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Nothing lights up a child's brain like play!

Dr. Stuart Brown 



At St James’, we provide an exciting and engaging Early Years Curriculum that provides a solid foundation for children's learning and development. Our aim is to ensure that every child in EYFS receives high-quality provision that is inclusive, stimulating and supportive of their individual needs and interests. We believe in fostering a love for learning, building positive relationships and creating a nurturing and safe environment where children can flourish. We celebrate children’s individual talents and achievements and provide them with the skills they need for the next steps of their education.


Our curriculum provides children with both a range of familiar topics, linked to their experiences, as well as unfamiliar topics, to spark their interests and exploration of the wider world. This will help to provide a curriculum where children feel safe and secure when developing new knowledge and skills, yet they are also challenged and exposed to new learning.


We encourage children at St James’ to be resilient and aim high. An emphasis on the development of the characteristics of effective learning provides children with the skills they need to thrive and reach their full potential. We work collaboratively with parents to ensure they have the confidence to support their child’s holistic development. The EYFS learning environment enhances and invites curiosity, confidence and determination to flourish. The rich and varied provision is carefully planned with the interests and needs of the children at the centre of all we do. We ensure all children receive high-quality teaching of early reading through systematic, synthetic phonics to learn to read words and simple sentences accurately by the end of Reception.

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