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Willow's Cadbury Adventure - 6 February 2020

First we went into the rainforest homed to the Mayans and Aztecs . It was like I had travelLed back in time .

Next we went to Bull Street. A man talked to us about a man called John Cadbury and he died on the 11 May in 1889.

Then we through life of a cocoa bean. We were shook, went in the oven and we were crushed.

Then on a ride, down down, we saw chocolate people and when in a cave we saw the chocolate people fishing and saw the ice skating around and around and around.

Then we got to eat chocolate, not just plain chocolate. We added two things in it I had marshmallow and fudge, it was yummy the best chocolate ever. Then we lunch.

In the afternoon, we designed chocolate wrappers that we took back to school, Arwen and I did one together. We didn't know what to do and I had a great idea how to make a creme egg. 

Finally we went 4D cinema it was really cool.  I tried to catch the chocolate and we fell on a roller coaster, we went the other direction and went down and then we turn left and then we went down where it says no entry and a parrot was throwing chocolate eggs at us and we were trying to catch the chocolate bar and the  rabbits and the frog.

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