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Welcome to bottle watch... 4 June 2020

On Monday, we were very excited and nervous to return to school for our newly laid out classroom and routine. This first week back has been great and it turns out we've REALLY MISSED school!

This week, we've recapped long division, subordinating clauses and place value. We wrote a letter to Duncan from our new book The Day the Crayons quit. We created crayons and homes for them to live in.

During lunch times, we've enjoyed eating our lunch to Tom and Jerry in the classrom and we've loved having the whole playground and willow to ourselves. 

Our favourite moments of the week:

"Is this a quiz?" - Josh. Whole class, "YESSSSSSSS!"

Year 6 reading their letters especially Josh's Scottish accent! 

Today, Mrs Wilson and Mrs Hawkins tried to open Finlay's water bottle for at least 10 minutes (don't worry they were wearing gloves and distanced from each other). They gave up and it turns our Mrs Tomkinson has super human stength!

Zara missing her chair completely (don't worry she was ok!). 

All boys truth or dare.

Playing imaginary football.

Working to music!

Playing long jump!


We hope you're all ok at home and we miss seeing all of you!


Some of Year 6

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