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Newsletter Week 1 - 15 September 2020

Class 3 Newsletter





It is with great pleasure that we welcomed all our lovely new Year 3 and 4 children into class 3 today. It truly has been a strange year and while the forthcoming academic year still holds more challenges and uncertainties, we are definitely looking forward to more normality and routine in our school lives.


All the previous information that you have been sent still applies, but I will reiterate a few points here - 

Class 3 should arrive at school at 9am and will be dismissed at 3pm from the playground entrance. If children have younger siblings, then they can arrive and be dismissed at the same time as Key Stage 1.

Class 3 will form a bubble and will not interact with any other class during the school day. They will eat lunch at a separate time and have designated toilets, sinks, equipment, etc.

The classroom has been set up in a different way and all children have been provided with their own, easy to clean, pencil case which has a supply of their most used classroom items. This will stay in school. We can share equipment within the class but this will be kept to a minimum.

No items from home should be brought in without permission at this time. We have everything the children need to access their learning.

Children will need to bring a named bottle of hand sanitizer and a water bottle each day.

Children may bring a fruit snack to eat in the morning. All children need a packed lunch each day. These should be nutritionally balanced.

All bags and coats will be kept in the classroom by their desks.


Reading at home remains extremely important to do each day to an adult at this age. Even if the children are free readers. When books are returned to school, we will be leaving them for 24 hours before they can be reissued to another child. These books can also not be shared with other bubbles at this time. Therefore, please be patient as we get these new systems up and running and I apologise if books are not changed as frequently as they were previously, in the first instance.


Our PE day is a Tuesday, so children will need to bring their kit in a named bag on this day. Our first PE session will be on the 15th September. Please make sure that all PE kit and uniform is clearly labelled with the child’s name. PE will be outside whenever possible, so weather appropriate tracksuits will be needed as the weather turns colder. PE kits will come home on the same day to be washed.


As well as myself, we are very well supported in class 3 with Mrs Kieran, Mrs Hawkins, Mrs Tomkinson, Miss Wright and Miss Richards either assisting individuals, groups or leading whole class sessions. I am sure that many children will be feeling a mix of emotions at the thought of returning to school and some will be more resilient at coping with the change than others. The mental health and wellbeing of the children is at the very forefront of our minds and we have new resources, repurposed rooms and adapted plans to take this additional pressure into account. It is still vital that communication is as open as possible to help us with any issues that arise. The best way to get a message to me is in the home diary that will be with the children soon. Otherwise, calling the office to make an appointment or a telephone call back is preferable so we can limit the number of people inside the school building.


Our first learning theme is entitled Where am I in the World? This has a strong geography focus with emphasis on locational knowledge alongside what makes Britain unique. This will also inspire other areas of the curriculum such as art, writing and computing. The knowledge organiser for this theme will be sent home next week.


Once children are settled into the class and routines of school, we will begin setting home learning tasks to be completed each week. I will judge when the best time to start these activities will be and further information about the tasks and expectations will then be sent home.


I am very excited to be starting a new learning journey with a new class. If you have any other queries or questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Mr L Hanson


‘Over the last year or so Tiffany’s mother had been quite surprised, and a little worried, at Tiffany’s sudden thirst for education, which people in the village thought was a good thing in moderation but if taken unwisely could lead to restlessness.’ TERRY PRATCHETT

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