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Neve's Cadbury World Adventure - 6 February 2020

Neve's Cadbury world adventure

 On February 4th 2020 ks2 went to Cadbury World in Birmingham. We got off the coach and walked over to the entrance which was huge. We got inside and had a yummy snack and went to the toilet. 

First, we got into the Mayan / Aztec jungle and saw a giant Mayan calendar. It was massive, tall and big. Then I saw a tiny, small pond in the jungle with marvellous money in it. We went to the next room and it had lots of videos in it about how chocolate got to England.

Then,we saw how coco beans turn into chocolate. We also saw how  Cadbury was made, did you know John Cadbury used to be a tea dealer? Next, we were the coco beans [ also known as cacao beans ] and got roasted, grinded and our shells fell off. I felt very excited to see what will happen next. After that, I  wrote my name in chocolate and other people cooled it. 

Next, we went on a ride and in my cart with me was Nancy, Willow and Eloies. We also tasted chocolate. It was melted chocolate and you could put things in it. I had marshmallows and jelly babies in mine. It tasted nice. After that, we went to a workshop and we made a wrapper for a chocolate bar. My bar was called Double Dairy Milk Surprise.

Finally, we had our yummy lunch and we went to the amazing 4D cinema. We went on a roller coaster. Sadly, it was not real but it felt real.

My favourite parts were the chocolate tasting,4D cinema and the ride. I really enjoyed my time at Cadbury World and I really really really like eating chocolate. I learnt a lot about chocolate which is really fun. I also learnt about how chocolate is brought to the UK. Hopefully my chocolate bar make it to the shops!

I hope I will go again Soon!!! By Neve

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