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Nell's Cadbury World Adventure - 6 February 2020

Cadbury Chocolate World

Yesterday, on 4th of  February, KS2 went to Cadbury World and I was so excited! I walked with KS2 to the front of the cafe and Mrs Landon took a picture.And I stood by Neve and Lockie.

First we had a delicious snack and went to the toilets.After,we checked in and I saw a whole stack of Freddos / Curly Wurlys.

We got into the Mayan/Aztec jungle and I felt like a time traveller and historian then.We saw videos and film scenes in the next room by the jungle.

Then we went to do other things.I tasted some milk chocolate and there were so many toppings like jelly Babies, marshmallows, mini fudge, biscuit crumbs and also Bournville buttons. 

 Yummy yummy lunch time! Lunchtime was my favourite.I had original Pringles,  lettuce, tomato, butter sandwich and  twisted creme egg.

Finally, we got to the 4D cinema. It was our turn to go into the lift.I looked up (not really) and I saw a parrot.

“Oi! Whatcha doing there?!” “.......” It didn’t answer me.When we got off the lift,It was like Cadbury Newsround.

Then we went to my favourite part, the cinema! I got to sit by Mr Richards and Ralfie. My ear ached when Ralfie screamed.T

I was so happy the way home, I love learning about chocolate.That’s it. Chocolate cake?

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