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Howdy from Josh and Rhys - 4 October 2019


It’s Josh and Rhys here this week! Why did the tractor go down the stairs?

Because it was in the house! (Yes, none of us get it either…)

Last Friday was an eventful day. Cross-country was cancelled due to rain and then to top off the day we got drenched playing rugby! During homework share, Callum’s homework was literally on fire!

In Computing, we all made scratch accounts so that our project are safe as we discovered that weren’t saving to our drive as previously thought…woops!

During Science this week, we carried on exploring the human body. This week we focused on the heart which is a pretty cool piece of equipment.

I (Josh) have had a great week of lunch times because of the awesome music we’ve had on! This has included: Welcome to the Jungle by Guns N Roses and Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana.

During Family Time, my group (Rhys) were cooking and it was really cool this week because my group were making pizzas using dough we made a few weeks ago. My favourite moment was when Alex’s dough ended looking like a heart.

This week we held Eco Club votes to decide on our new representatives. A huge well done to: Callum, Darcy, Zara, Josh and Adam. We know you’ll do an amazing job for our school.

Last minute update, we got drenched running today but had a great time running round the hills and finished with a hot chocolate!

Manakin Skywalker Update:

He’s had a nice week waving to his friends!

See ya’ll later from Josh and Rhys .

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