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Hello from Martha and Katherine! - 27 September 2019

Hi St. James’ blog fans!

Today, we (Martha and Katherine) are reporting about our week at school.

Last Friday morning, we went cross-country running and we split into two groups. Miss Farnell’s group were working on stamina and the second group were working on improving their long distance pace. It was quite hard work for both groups and very tiring but everybody worked really hard and Miss Farnell’s group managed to run for a whole eight minutes!

Next up, the AMAZING Science experiment!

On Wednesday, Miss Farnell brought in some multi-grain hoops, oats, marshmallows, yellow and red food colouring. But why, you might ask?! In Science we were looking at blood composition and its functions. So we used the multi-grain hoops and red food colouring as red blood cells (which carry oxygen around the body); marshmallows were white blood cells (they fight off bad illnesses we might catch); oats were the platelets (which help to clot your blood) and yellow food colouring and water were the plasma (which provide the nutrients and vitamins to our body). The experiment was a little bit disgusting looking but very interesting!

An amazing well done to Freya, Libby, William and Aidan whose fab Maths work made it onto the Marvellous Maths board this week!

Family Time was great again this week. My group (Martha) did team games with Mrs Curthoys but it was SUPER windy! My group (Katherine) did yoga and it was very relaxing.

Manakin Skywalker update!

Somehow, he has learnt another new trick and he is now doing a headstand against the wall… please see the picture below.

See you next week blog fans!


Martha and Katherine

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